Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Big Move

Some of you may have heard the news: Blogger is cracking down on adult blogs. 

Specifically Blogger sent an email warning anyone with an adult blog that featured adult links that generated profit.  These sites are no longer welcome on the Blogger platform.

I don't make money off of this blog.  That's never been the point of it.

I've thought about adding links, but this shot over the bow from Blogger sent me running.

Instead, I moved.

My New Home:

All my future entries will be here.  All of my past entries are there now.  I've even posted a few blogs already.  This site will feature all my hot erotica, my sexy stories, and will also host my podcast, Daddy's Good Girl.

I'm not getting rid of this blog, but I will no longer post to it.

I hope, if you've enjoyed reading what I've written here, you will follow me there.  I still have many more stories to tell...

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