Monday, October 31, 2011


Rope Camp Memories continued...

I rushed over to Lew Ruben's Predicament Bondage class, wanting to, as per usual, have a front row seat. However, when I arrived at the assigned cabin, no one was around. I waited for a few minutes, wondering which room he would choose and how he would setup the space.

When Lew & Drea showed up, they commented on the one hiccup I noticed for the class: the cabin was hot as balls. So, instead, they decided to teach outside. As people filtered in, we all transitioned over to the swing set, everyone carrying a chair pulled from the cabin. I wrote up a quick sign with an arrow pointing towards our new location, and scurried behind everyone.

Unlike my other classmates, I opted to lie on the ground, using my Zim jacket as a blanket. About a dozen people attended the class.

Lew first spoke about how there were no limits to what was predicament bondage. At its essence, it was ways to use bondage situations against people. Lew stressed creativity as the key to fun predicaments.

He noted it was good when subs tried to get out of their binds because it taught the top what to do to make it work. Creative and sneaky bottoms made tops work harder and be more imaginative. A good predicament bondage top found ways to adjust and problem solve on the fly. There was no way a top was going to think of every possible scenario to get out of their tie. Bottoms who freed themselves made their tops better because it forced the top to think more. Lew stressed topping in predicaments was all about the thought process.

Lew listed four things a top could use against their bottom: gravity, pain, exertion, and the mind.

Lew suggested playing a person a little at a time, to not go all the way to the extreme during your first scene. That way, you built and gained trust with each other.

Lew noted it was important to find out if the bottom was actually nervous during the scene. Some people wanted to be nervous, as this turned them on. Others couldn't have fun if they were nervous. He said you needed to find out what type of person you were playing with and adjust your predicament to better suite each scene. Basically, you played off what the bottom's likes were.

Lew stressed testing all of your equipment before you ever used it. You needed to know how it acted over time. He gave the example of a set of his nipple clamps. When first applied to Drea's skin, they slipped off easily. As they stayed on the skin longer, they became tighter and more difficult to pull off. For a scene, this was important; if a top were to pull and tug on the toy, thinking it would come off easily, they could instead cause serious damage.

And now that I've teased you with Lew Ruben's class, I will make you wait til tomorrow for the multitude of stories he imparted, including, but in no way limited to, Hitachi predicaments, using one sub against another, and the hardest orgasm one woman had in her life.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

In Between

Rope Camp Memories continued...

After class I headed back to NYR cabin and went with the group to lunch. There, I sat with Gray and ate. Soon Slut joined us, but she was so tired she was falling asleep at the table. I started rubbing her back, trying to soothe her. Gray looked over, and, as I caressed Slut's back with my left hand, he saw I was still wearing his lighter from our class the day before.

I got a little scared and a little nervous. I worried he would want to take the lighter back again. Instead of confirming my fears, though, he just looked at it, made eye contact with me, and a smile appeared on his face.

As we sat, our group grew. Darian, Lochai, and Celeste joined us. I mentioned to everyone that I was going on a supplies run later that afternoon with Murphy. Darian and Gray both needed things. I got a list from each and corresponding cash.

Scott Smith and his girl then happened to pass by our table. Scott's girl wanted to purchase a copy of Gray's erotic novels, Nawashi & Jujun, which cost $15. Gray, unfortunately, did not have any change, but said he would some later when I returned from supply run. Scott's girl left with the book and the promise.

Soon after, Deiter and his girl also stopped by to chat. NYR cabin always seemed to have this effect at camp, like a magnet, constantly pulling people towards us.

Though I wanted to stay and talk longer, I needed to go for an ice run. My cooler still had Gray's ice cream, and I had brought a bottle of champagne, just in case a special moment arose. Gray also had a roving Dungeon Master shift to start, and the next session of classes was to begin soon. The group broke up.

I walked to the camp store, purchased my ice, and realized I had change for Gray. As I left the store, I spied Gray now in a safety vest, having just started his shift. I walked over to him and offered the five he had needed. He instructed me to deliver the change to Scott's girl, as Scott was about to start a class and she would surely be there.

As a bye, before I headed off, Gray reached over and pinched my nipple incredibly hard, "juicing me" as I like to call it when someone piques my sexual appetite but leaves me wanting. I then headed back to my cabin. Dropping off the ice, I walked up to the Barn where Scott was to teach his class.

Sitting and waiting til Scott and his girl arrived, I took a moment again to journal and engaged in a conversation with one of my Cabin 20 mates. I am not ashamed to say I enjoyed imparting the many fun adventures I'd had in the past few days. Sometimes, when I thought back on my Rope Camp, which still had not finished, I just stopped, shook my head, and smiled.

Scott and his girl soon arrived. I learned her handle was PyroticErotic and promised to find her on Fet. I gave her her change, and begged forgiveness for leaving. Though I greatly wanted to attend their class, I'd already made plans to take Lew Rubens class, Predicament Bondage.

Live Well

"You know the cruelest thing you can do to an ex after a break up?" I shook my head no. "Live well."

Last night, I went to a party. I carpooled with the roommates, DeepEnd and SkinnyBitch, as well as NYRCampSlut, who came along for the ride. I was somewhat excited for what laid ahead. I had only planned a beating from DeepEnd, leaving room for things to unfold as fate would have them. The only possible hiccup to the festivities was the presence of FlapJackSlim, the former partner of DeepEnd & SkinnyBitch.

Now, a little bit about me, my brain, and my emotions. If you hurt someone I love, we're done. Period. I flip a switch, you go from column A to column Z, and I often avoid you like the plague. FlapJackSlim hurt DeepEnd & SkinnyBitch, hence the dissolution of their triad. In doing so, I had relegated her to column Z, not worthy of my time or energy, not deserving of anything more than a head nod (which is all she got), and to be avoided at all costs.

So...we got to the party, peppy and excited for what was to come. SkinnyBitch dressed as a sexy nun, rosary around her hip like a belly chain, wearing boots I had blacked just a few hours prior. DeepEnd dressed as a demon, complete with full body cloak and a scary as hell, literally, mask. NYRCampSlut was a victim of JacktheRipper, or a cannibal who liked to play with their food. Her outfit did not come to full fruition until we arrived, as it involved lots of fake blood.

The party was large, but not so crowded as to be uncomfortable. We sat down our things and made the rounds of hugs. As the rest of my group made their way more into the party, I stayed behind to put down my things. I had packed quite a few fun items: my bootblacking kit, a cigar for DeepEnd for later, and, of course, rope. When I stepped out of the personals closet, there she was, FlapJackSlim, having brought her own group of friends. I recognized her, gave her a head nod, and moved on.

I found DeepEnd & SkinnyBitch, confirming they knew she was there. They did, but seemed unphased.

I sat on the couch and began chatting with RockStarIsis, dressed as a McKinley High School cheerleader from Glee. As we talked, DeepEnd assisted Slut with completing her costume. First he took out his knife and mangled her stockings. Next, using the tube of fake blood she provided, he smeared the bright red concoction all over her body. She wore a tight black dress, leaving her face, neck, chest, and thighs well stained.

With everyone now fully ready, the fun times proceeded. SkinnyBitch wanted a picture of her standing over DeepEnd, boot on chest, showing her beating down the nasty demon. FlostonParadise assisted.

I wanted a drink, so I retrieved a sugar free Red Bull from my things and added some of the Stoli vodka we'd brought. And though I do not usually like energy drinks, I found this particular combination worked for me. I downed about two shots worth of vodka along with my 8.4 ounces of Red Bull.

Next, I ventured downstairs. The group had naturally migrated in search of more fun. We ended up in the middle of the space, chatting and watching, when MollyWren decided she wanted to see what it was like to stand inside of the tall-and-skinny cage. Once she stepped in, we refused to let her out. Instead, we poked and tickled her mercilessly. She yelped and squealed, thrashing as best she could with the restrictive bars keeping her from turning too much.

"Do you know what spell to cast?" I was dressed as a Gryffindor, the same costume I've had since college. I tormented her with the secret, the spell she should have known since she'd read the first three books. SkinnyBitch, Alice, and I delighted in extending her predicament.

DeepEnd looked on and smiled that wry grin he has. He then warmed up, bending and stretching. It was time for him to start beating some bitches.

"Molly," he began. "If you get out, you know I'm going to beat you. Are you sure you want out?"


"Is a beating from me better than the cage?"


Relenting, I asked, "Should I tell the spell?" The group agreed to let it be known.

"Molly, it is Alohomora. Now, do you want out Molly?"


"If you want out, cast the spell."


"Molly...say it."

"Alohomora." We released her from the solitary cage into the waiting hands of DeepEnd, who almost immediately took her down to the ground and began his work.

I sat on a stool by the cage, giving them their room, but also wanting to watch. This particular party was excellent for my voyeurism. Slut was nearby getting worked on. In fact, she may have had the best line of the night. "I've seen your biceps; you can do better than that." I love my Sis.

As I took glee in watching the ongoing scenes, I happened to look at a gentleman's hip as he passed by, and noticed quite heavy duty carabiners.

"Who is that? Look at those carabiners. I should know him."

N3rddom, ever the good friend, introduced me to PenBeatSword, who allowed me to touch and marvel at his carabiners.

Striking up a conversation, Pen then introduced me to his companion for the evening, Digophelia.  Talk meandered through rope, knives, switching, labels, and all the normal pleasantries making new friends included in our culture. As this was their first time in the play space, I encouraged them to look around and find me later if they were interested in playing with me (which I knew they would).

My first drink finished, I went upstairs and grabbed another Red Bull. I didn't want anymore vodka, as I suspected I might start playing soon. Venturing back down into the dungeon, I took my spot near the cage again, this time sitting on the carpeted floor, and started watching more scenes.  DeepEnd had started working on MaryLeonowens on the corner outside of the large cage, while MisterSean and Xoel had willing victims to torment inside of it.

As the scenes progressed, Pen & Dig reappeared, found room outside the large cage as well, and began their scene. MisterSean and Xoel soon finished, which then allowed Pen & Dig to transition inside.

I sat, sipping my Red Bull, taking in the sights, happy to just be alive and have a Saturday off. Dig was secured to a point in the corner of the cage by her collar, which Pen had led her by all evening. He tortured her clit with his battery operated vibrator.

Turning his head ever so slightly, Pen locked eyes with me. Lifting his finger, he beckoned me over. I handed my Red Bull to Slut, allowed my robe to lay on the floor, and scurried over.

Pen explained Dig wanted some rope. I was more than happy to help.

"Excuseme.Pardonme.Excuseme.Pardonme." I quickly got back to the closet, grabbed my bag, and made my way back downstairs.

"That is a woman on a mission." In my hurry, I still managed to give Amethyst, my Big Sis, a hug.

Returning, I spoke to Dig and Pen, asking what they wanted. Pen was interested in restricting Dig's movements, suggesting a hogtie. However, he still wanted to torture her clit. I decided on three bound points, her wrists and each ankle. I tied her wrists together, brought the rope down to her right ankle, across to her left ankle, and back up to her wrists. The tie created a nice triangle piece.

Dig secured, Pen got back to work. I knelt down and watched, this time with a much closer vantage point. Pen tormented Dig for a little bit, but then looked down at me. He mentioned how he was having fun, but more could be done to Dig if I assisted.

I asked, very politely, if I could use his knife. Pulling out the implement, he warned that it was quite sharp. I tested it along my skin so that I would know how it would feel to Dig. I was very careful in my movements as I danced the sharp point along the side of her thigh, stomach, arm, and breast. Worried, Dig whispered to Pen, who thereby instructed me to avoid her breasts as she sometimes flinched and did not want to get cut. I happily honored her request, dancing still over her skin.

When she felt her orgasm growing, Dig softly begged Pen to let her come. Pen, in turn, asked me if I heard her. I said I didn't. She begged some more; I relented.  She was soon doubled-over, lost in her ecstasy.

Dig, now needing a moment of respite, relaxed into Pen's arms. I softly and slowly removed the ropes from her limbs. Completely unbound and her normal breath returning, she commented that she loved my ropes.

Buzzed off of my service top high, I turned around and found DeepEnd. Inquiring about when we would play, he said he needed to do something, but would attend to me after.

The something DeepEnd needed to do?  The man who swung a hockey stick gave a lesson to a lady holding a field hockey stick. And yes, it was fun to watch.

Meanwhile, as I found my viewing spot again, N3rddom and his partner began playing next to me. The kinky energy swirled throughout the party.

As DeepEnd finished up, I snuck upstairs, needing a moment of respite myself. Some small comment he made gave me a flash of self doubt. This was in no way his fault, merely my insecurity flaring up at an inopportune time. I leaned against a wall and stared off into nothing for a spell.

SkinnyBitch approached, asking how I was doing. I told her I needed to turn off my mind. She, being ever the good friend, helped. Lightly thumping my forehead, she then traced her fingers over my face, the line of my chin, my neck, across my chest, down my stomach, across my thighs, and back up my body, finding her way to my hair. The endorphins swam over me; the cacophony in my brain quieted.

As she finished, DeepEnd appeared from downstairs and said he was ready. I asked if he was sure, to which he again confirmed. SkinnyBitch inquired if she might watch. I readily welcomed her presence.

Descending downstairs once more, we returned to DeepEnd's spot by the corner of the large cage. I stripped, giving my usual show to anyone who might've watched. I presented my ass each time I bent down, occasionally giving it a slight wiggle. I popped my knee as I slowly slid off one stocking, and then the other. All my clothes were in a small pile on the side.

I was happy to be ensnared in DeepEnd's trap again, eagerly anticipating his work on my body. Because of the confines of the small area and the throng of people, there would be no hockey stick tonight. He did promise, however, to use the mini-bat I bought him to more than make up for this deficiency.

He started slow, warming up my shoulders and legs. He punched and smacked lightly, then rubbed and massaged the flesh. DeepEnd transitioned to harder slaps, fiercer punches. He pushed me to screaming with his blows.

Next came his multitude of toys. He began with the boomerang, rubbing it along my body. First using the stingy flat side, he hit my thighs, ass, and back. Then he used the thuddy side, again all over my body, but also pressing into my flesh, concentrating his force over the dulled edge.

His next implement: his flat paddle. I hate the flat paddle. Once again, he rubbed it across my skin, letting me know what was to come. With this particular toy, he loves centering his worst over my left shoulder blade. He unleashed on that one area until I, again, screamed.

The following toy: his scarf. Wrapping it under my chin, he pulled my head up and back, his hot breath on my neck, right by my ear. Releasing me, he began flicking the fabric against my skin, quick pops all over my body. I screeched and yelped as the frequency and intensity of his little bites grew.

Next came the items he brought especially for me: his drumsticks. Yes, he had beaten other bitches with them, but I was the one who inspired him to include them in his pack that night. He started on my shoulder blades, then down to my thighs, then my ass. He played all over my body, finishing his work with a flourish of hard strokes on the sides of my thighs.

Last, but certainly not least, came the mini-bat. Oh, that bat. I had no idea how much fun, and pain, I would foster from that one impulse purchase.

DeepEnd did not disappoint when it came to his brutality with that bat. He savagely attacked my shoulder blades, ass, and thighs. He especially loved the sides of my thighs, hitting me so hard that our scene ended with my weeping, crouching down, unable to take any more for a moment (though ever ready to stand back up and accept more pain, if he so chose).

Dropping the bat, he knelt on the ground next to me, and welcomed me into his arms. I curled up my body, my tears still fresh on my face, allowing myself to fall into his embrace. My cries slowly quieted; I came back down to earth.

As I emerged from my sub space, I looked over at SkinnyBitch. She looked back, and in a gesture I plan to use again, pointed at her eyes, point at her heart, and pointed at me. I repeated the movements to her.

We then began chatting, as my breathing was returning to normal. SkinnyBitch rather enjoyed seeing my pain from the blows of the mini-bat. She has already informed me I have payback in my future for gifting DeepEnd with that toy. There has been mention of attacking me in my sleep. As the sign on my bedroom door says, "CUDDLES ALWAYS WELCOME."

Our scene ended and my consciousness mostly back on earth, DeepEnd and I transitioned upstairs. I had purchased two cigars for him earlier in the week. He enjoyed one in our home dungeon earlier that evening as I blacked SkinnyBitch's boots (now that is what I call pre-game).

We made our way to the smoking area, a cold room perfect for one of our favorite parts of cigar play, DeepEnd blowing smoke into my hair.  DeepEnd opened the door and beckoned me in first. I turned to walk in, saw FlapJackSlim, and immediately turned to walk away.

"No." He said it softly, reassuringly. We stepped inside.

Instead of sitting with her and the gentleman with whom she chatted, we stood nearby. I sat down my water bottle and turned to face DeepEnd, not looking at FJS. I showed him the cigar, unwrapped it from the cellophane, and removed the label from the end. He took it from me and sniffed it. He then bit the end off, his preferred way to prep it.  After wetting the end, he held the cigar in his mouth, ready for my assistance. I took out my lighter and held the flame as he lit his cigar. He turned it, puffing away, and got a good burn started.

This cigar was different from the one I had given him earlier. It had more of a body to it. I liked watching him puff away on it, liked being in the cloud of smoke that soon hovered around him, liked the occasional exhale in my direction.

When he so chose, his hand slid behind my neck softly, and bent my head down.  He puffed a few times, and then blew smoke into my hair. After the first time, he beckoned me to turn around, forcing me to stand in the direction of FJS. Like any other scene I am in, I closed my eyes. I stood, my head bent, my hands held together by a few fingers, and relaxed into our play. FJS and the gentleman continued to chat, but I ignored them, instead eagerly anticipating the next time his hot breath blew into my hair.

About five minutes later, FJS and the gentleman left the room; DeepEnd and I were now alone. He decided to sit. He selected a chair, but I pushed my would-be seat aside, wanting to be at his knee. He at first protested, saying the concrete floor was too cold. I had my robe on, which I used as a blanket against the chill, but I also cared more about being at his knee than being warm.

He sat and smoked. I lightly rubbed my face across his jeaned thigh, occasionally kissing lightly or nuzzling it. I looked up at him.

"You know the cruelest thing you can do to an ex after a break up?" I shook my head no. "Live well."

I then understood why he wouldn't let me avoid the conflict. The moments that we shared in our cigar play were special, ours. He would not let another person corrupt them. We all were going to still live our lives, no matter what circumstance had put in our way. One should never let the energies of others effect the energy you put forth into the world.

As I looked up at him, his head tilted back, puffing away on his cigar, I remarked how he reminded me of a movie mobster. He then imparted a story from his childhood, involving people in his neighborhood and "made men."

Xoel walked in and joined our small group. She commiserated on how her life was going and said I looked adorable on the floor at DeepEnd's knee. Her friend then walked in. Happening to looking at his hand, Xoel commented how DeepEnd could use the ashtray right there on the small table in front of us.

"No, this is for a special purpose." Soon after, DeepEnd finished his cigar.

I got up on my knees, making sure my range of motion was not impeded by the robe. I looked into his eyes, smiled, and began enjoying my treat.

I softly scooped up pieces of ash into my mouth, enjoying the salty gritty taste. I licked his palm, in between his fingers, getting into each crevice. I lightly kissed and sucked, licked and lapped at his hand, becoming so intent on my duty that I could feel a bit of the ash brush onto my nose and chin. When he decided my treat was finished, DeepEnd tipped his hand under my chin and tilted my head up for a kiss.

With more than I had anticipated for the evening already under my belt, DeepEnd and I made our way back inside. I mingled a bit more, but then felt the need to transition back downstairs. I thought I would get to see DeepEnd and SkinnyBitch play, but I turned around and they were gone.

It was getting late, but something inside me stirred. I needed to be in rope.

Finding an open hard point, I claimed the space with my robe and shoes, and retrieved my bag. Setting up, I strung up my Shibari ring at about chest height. I then began my tie.

This would not be like any other self suspension I'd done. I created a chest harness with a few extra wraps. I then adjusted my Shibari ring a little higher. Attaching one carabiner to my harness, I looped a rope through it, through another carabiner on the ring, and tied off.

I let go. Grabbing my ankles, I held my body weight with my chest. The pain and euphoria were instant and intense. I let my body be for a moment, then allowed my legs to drop the ground. I leaned, forced, pushed my body weight into the tie. I planted my toes and curved my body, arching up my energy to the sky. I groaned, moaned, grunted. I pushed myself with my pain; I gave it to them.

I danced in rope for the rope gods, thanking them for their generosity and care.

When I could take no more, I made myself stand, unclipped the carabiner from the ring, knelt down, and rested my head on the ground in supplication. I breathed. I let the pain wash over and through me. I came down.

Once at a point where normal seemed possible again, I sat back and began untying my ropes. One friend came over, but I was not in a head space to talk. N3rddom then approached, slowly, softly, saying Slut had told him about my scene, and asking if I needed anything. I inquired if it would be okay for me to lay my head in his lap. He gave his permission. I collapsed, allowing myself to be comforted. He rubbed my back, soothing me.

Now rejuvenated by his care, I sat up and finished packing away my things. The party was winding down, the dungeon mostly emptied. SkinnyBitch and DeepEnd, who had volunteered for the clean up crew, darted in and out with full trash bags, and put things away. I stood and chatted with N3rddom, as well as Pen and Dig, who had just finished a scene.

Though it was obvious we were about to get kicked out, Pen asked if I wanted to test drive his knife. I mentioned how I had used it on Dig earlier, so I thought that counted. He then explain, no, did I want to feel it from him. I, of course, said yes.

Stripping quickly, I turned with my back facing him, leaning against the arch from which I had just previously self suspended. His blade kissed my body, tracing over my back, my chest, my neck. His knife was two in one. He transitioned from one edge to the other, lightly scratching against my skin. I yelped and moaned with his slightest movement. Besides his blades, some part of his body was always near me, against me. I felt the energy flowing through and around us. I longed to have more time.

But we needed to finish. What small amount of time I did have under Pen's edge was enough to leave me wanting more.

By now all but the clean up crew and my friends remained. The crew finished quickly and we all soon gathered our things and departed, a night well lived.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Rope Camp Memories continued...

"There is bondage on the ground, and suspension in the air, but in between there are many baby steps. And there are cool things that can happen between the ground and the air; no phase is just a mid-point. All steps in between are their own bondage moments."

I learned a lot in Murphy's Partial Suspensions class. I think it was here that my turning point in rope-topping happened. I came into Rope Camp as a novice who had learned a little from hanging out with my friends and asking them to show me things. But I left camp feeling like I lived rope, and would continue to live rope long after I was gone.

Murphy started his lesson with a lecture and demo, with mecha-Kate as his willing model. He talked about some basic aspects of partial suspensions. In the most simple of scenes, some weight was taken off the ground to a hard point. Murphy cited leg-based partial suspensions as the most basic.

In such scenes, part of the play involved controlling someone's center of gravity and their range of motion. As the top, it was my challenge to create a plane for my bottom to exist in. If I made my tie looser, I gave them less stability, and vice-versa. Some of the fun laid in messing with my bottom's balance and figuring out what I could do with that.

Murphy noted, before starting a scene, he'd look at how a person stood; this was their default. He then posed the question: "How do you want to mess with that?"

Murphy suggested trapping people into normal positions. Play with their sense of balance and control. Use normal positions against the bottom.

Murphy noted how there would always be a small modicum of time for a person to regain their balance once ensnared in rope; what I chose to do with that time, leave them alone or mess with them more, was up to me.

When playing with a bottom, Murphy explained three general categories of play: physical, mental, and emotional. For physical, it could be anything as simple as a push, or could expand to impact play. He suggested kneeing as a good method. For mental, Murphy shot his Nerf gun at Kate, who laughed and seemed mostly unphased. For emotional, he cited threatening the bottom, using fear against them.

With each of these three methods, he noted this was still breaking their balance. The bottom still needed time to recover from any of these instances. If the bottom was in extreme distress or needed to feel secure quickly, giving them a leg back was the best way for them to regain a sense of balance and security.

Murphy suggested, when you have someone in duress, occasionally allowing a moment of laughter or silliness may ease them. This would help the bottom relax, the scene would last longer, and the bottom would do better.

In partials, Murphy noted a top should still use all the normal play equipment. He shook the rope, which both put Kate off balance, but, if he had incorporated "happy knots", would have given her a little fun as well.

To end the lecture portion, Murphy demonstrated a basic chest and hip harness. He then encouraged our hands-on-rope time. The class split up into two groups of three. It just happened I ended up in a group with a gentleman who was a top and Cabin Meat, who was a bottom. Since I was a switch, the gentleman tied me while I tied Cabin Meat; this allowed me to break in my new Shibari ring.

When creating Cabin Meat's hip harness, I gave her a "happy knot" right over her clit. Though we both were partially suspended, I still had enough range of motion to reach my ropes tied around her. As she relaxed into my strands, every now and again, I flicked her rope. And each time, Cabin Meat's head rolled back, her eyes closed, and she softly moaned. I loved the look of her enjoying her time in my rope.

That was it; that's when it all changed for me. That's when I went from being a novice to knowing what it was like to have someone in my ropes, and really, really, get it, whatever that it is.

Once we both were secure, Murphy came over and checked our work. As a reward, or purely for his enjoyment, while Cabin Meat and I weren't looking, he gave us a double spank, smacking our asses at the same time. This loving gesture was the icing on top of an already tasty rope-tastic cake.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saving The Day

Rope Camp Memories continued...

Though I performed many acts that displayed my awesomeness at Rope Camp, here is the story Big Bro likes to tell the most, from my perspective.

I woke up early on Saturday, knowing I had promised Murphy I would attend his Partial Suspensions class. I headed out that morning, weighed down with gear once again, and made my way towards the Dining Hall.

During my trek, I happened to look up the hill and saw Murphy doing an inversion suspension of Phoenix in a tree. They were surrounded by people. That's cool; he's warming up for class.

Just then, I saw Murphy's face get really big. He screamed out, "Cabin Bitch!" Thinking he'd seen me, I rushed over to his scene. As I approached, he commented, "Oh my god, it worked." Apparently, he hadn't seen me.

Arriving, I dropped my things and asked Big Bro what he needed. Murphy instructed me to run to the cabin and retrieve both his camera and his memory card. The card would be in his computer.

I ran to 1/2, but, as I got to the steps, I became swimmy-headed. It was then that I realized I had not eaten anything yet. I went inside, found his camera and memory card, and headed back down the hill. This time, though, I did not run full out, but moved quickly all the same. I gave Murphy the supplies and he got the shot.

My awesomeness solidified, I left my things, and headed into the Dining Hall for a quick breakfast. Afterwards, I rejoined Murphy and walked with him to class.

We arrived early, but Murphy realized he'd forgotten a lot of things he needed back at the cabin. Armed with a list that included whips, a flogger, his Nerf gun, and his Hitachi, I quickly hailed a taxi. The driver waited as I assembled the load, and we rushed back to the Dungeon. I arrived, supplies in hand, just in time for the start of class.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Rope Camp Memories continued...

Following the competition, I used Gray's ruined shirt to wipe the sweat off of him. "Your in theatre. When the show's on, the show's on." Gray explained his exuberance as I lightly scolded him for the rough play/wrestling between he and the Trio. I really wanted to yell at Murphy, Dov & Lqqkout, but felt I should not leave Gray's side. He was still high on endorphins from the competition, and I feared his coming crash.

As we stood and chatted with the people milling about, Parker approached. Parker complemented our class, giving us a lot of positive feedback. As Parker spoke, I was incredibly pleased that someone liked our lesson so much. This only made me want to teach more.

As I was awash in the glow of Parker's compliments, Gray asked me to go back to the cabin. His pain had set in. I hurried to 1/2, found his medication, his back patches, filled his water, and rushed back.

In the Dungeon, I spied Gray sitting on a far bench. The performance had taken a lot out of him; he looked rundown, exhausted. I fed him the pills, got him to drink lots of water, and put the heated patch on his back. He was so sweaty, it didn't want to stay. Using the torn shirt, I wrapped it around him and tied it, securing the patch in place.

It was obviously time to get Gray home. He was tired and his back would not be better for a while. I hailed him a taxi and we rode back to the cabin.

Gray changed his clothes and laid down. I sat by the edge of his bed, ready for whatever he needed.

Meanwhile, the NYR crew had started a For Science! experiment. They tested to see the effects of vibration on rope, whether you could vibrate a rope so much that you no longer felt the effects, and which type of rope was best for transmitting the vibrations. This fun series of moments was later dubbed The Hitachi Firing Squad, seeing as they used six Hitachi's for their work. Later, it devolved into just attacking pussies with six toys, but data was gathered all the same.

Gray, now somewhat relaxed, pulled out his laptop and started watching Red. He positioned his computer in such a way so that I could view the movie as well. As it began, Gray asked me to go grab the dark chocolate he saved for us from our class from his bag. I thought this would be a good time for his other class gift, a dark chocolate bacon bar. When I showed the candy to Gray, he decided we would eat my chocolate instead. We shared it while watching movie.

I had already seen Red, and did quite enjoy it. I took a moment, though, and started journaling the day. Slut and CabEx joined our small viewing party. Slut did not stay long, though. She was called up for her turn to ride the Hitachis. CabEx soon walked away. I took the opportunity and climbed into Slut's bed.

As I laid, curled up, watching Red while Gray seemed to be snoozing, I happened to look over at the Firing Squad. Murphy began singing a salute. "For going above and beyond her bitchly duties..." Murphy was, in fact, saluting me. He beckoned me over for my ride.

I checked again that Gray had passed out, then wrenched myself from the warm bed. I sat in the chair, leaned back a bit, and hiked up skirt. Murphy, Cabin Thug, and CabEx each had two Hitachis. Slut stood behind me, just in case.

As the ride started, I began giggling. My body didn't know how to react to all of the stimuli. But soon, it found a workable rhythm, grinding against the overwhelming constant vibration. My first orgasm grew and I begged for permission to cum. It was given, but only if I screamed out my name.

"NYR Cabin Bitch. NYR Cabin Bitch for Life!"

I had three orgasms in five minutes; it was an exhilarating ride.

The "experiment" ended, a Waffle House run was necessary. I softly asked Gray if he wanted to come; he opted to stay and sleep. There were so many people for this end-of-the-day adventure that we needed three cars. Somehow there was a mix up and we ended up split between two Waffle Houses in the area. No matter. My group ate, while enjoying a fight between the wait staff. We returned to campus, dragging ourselves to our beds. We slept.

Bedtime: 5:30am

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rigger vs Rigger

Rope Camp Memories continued...

With Gray off to the Dungeon, I grabbed his things, as well as my own, and left. I first swung by my cabin. I dropped off my shot glasses and put on my Zim jacket, as it was getting chilly. I put my flashlight in my pocket, as well, remembering the night before. All set, I walked up to 1/2 and put Gray's things by and on his bed. I then made my way to the competition.

When I walked in, I saw that just about every seat was filled. I think most, if not all, of camp was there. I quickly found Gray, who thankfully sat at the end of an aisle. He'd given me permission to be at his knee, knowing he would not have time for aftercare following our class. I returned his safety shears, which he had lost during the presentation, but I found.

As I sat on the floor, I began to surmise the competition. Murphy and Dov each had their bottoms tied with random objects attached. I later learned these were props chosen by audience members (flippers, picture frame, goggles, etc.). I'd already heard they were only allowed sixty feet of rope, which most likely would translate into two thirty foot lengths, though this was not required. As far as the organizers cared, a rigger could've showed up with 60 one foot lengths and have been perfectly within the rules of the battle.

Murphy was working with his friend; Dov worked with Slut. The emcee walked out into the event area, and asked the audience to decide who had won through their applause. After three rounds of clapping, it was decided Murphy & Dov had tied, and would team up for the final.

Next up was a fetish performance by Lew Rubens. The big reveal: bungee suspension. Drea, Lew's girl, came out in just a lacy boxer style underwear and black & white heels. Lew tied her in a chest harness, but then got to work on the bungee chord. Using multiple lengths and looping them through a pulley, Lew attached Drea to the rig. He then walked over to the wall and cranked the pulley higher with a wench.

As she got higher and higher, Drea started jumping around. Lew, once at his preferred height, took hold of Drea, pulled her back, and let go. She flew this way and that. Drea was able to jump, bouncing side to side and about.

Lew tried to hit her with different implements, but she would playfully jump away. Lew then tried to time his hits with her jumps. All the while, the audience vacillated between Ooos, Ahhs, and laughs. Loud applause followed the conclusion of his presentation.

Next up, Gray vs. Lochai. Their bottoms were Phoenix and Celeste, respectively. Before they started, Gray leaned down and asked to borrow one my carabiners; he had an idea.

As the competition began, it seemed Lochai had the same thought. Lochai immediately went to the pulley and began tying Celeste for a suspension. Gray started his tie on Phoenix, choosing to first be sensuous, but then turned silly when he began using his candy cane prop. This ended, though, when the candy cane broke. In a moment of theatre, Gray, quite manly, ripped off his shirt.

Moving Phoenix towards the pulley, Gray pulled out my carabiner and attached it, allowing him to also suspend. To impede Gray, Lochai started tying him up. Gray returned the favor, and the battle was on.

Lochai moved away, rushing off to the wench. He cranked the pulley higher as Gray rushed to complete his tie on Phoenix. As Lochai cranked, Celeste ended up hitting her head. An "ugh" cycled through the audience, but Celeste was okay. And just as it was almost too late, just as the ropes were almost out of his reach, Gray finished his tie on Phoenix.

The battle complete, the decision was left to the audience. And, once again, there was a tie. Gray & Lochai were to team up against Murphy & Dov for the final round.

The next performer up: Scott Smith. His big reveal: watermelons. Scott explained he agreed to give a rope performance if he were allocated a tarp and two watermelons.

Yes, watermelons.

To setup, Slut and Darian laid out a rather large blue tarp. Scott's girl scurried to the front and put out two miniature traffic cones and a miniature barricade on the floor; I found her to be very cute.

Parker and Scott's girl were already tied in harnesses. A large ladder was brought out. Scott had setup a few points earlier. He walked up the ladder and attached Parker to one. The ladder was them moved and Scott's girl was attached to another. A mesh bag, filled with the two watermelons, was attached to the last. Yes, this is going there.

Scott asked for Gray's assistance. He was instructed merely to hold Parker, pulled away from the plumb of Parker's point, while Scott held his girl the same way. Then they both let go.

Parker and Scott's girl crashed into the mesh bag of watermelons, and each other. One broke, and spilled a little juice and fruit onto the tarp. "Do it again! Do it again!" I was not the only person in the audience yelling; many of us were quite enthusiastic in our want for the second one to break.

Satisfying the need of the masses, Gray and Scott both pulled back and released once more. Parker and Scott's girl once again slammed into each other, this time crushing both fruits to everyone's satisfaction. Watermelon fell onto the tarp as Parker and Scott's girl reached into the mesh bag and ripped out pieces to eat. Everyone laughed their asses off.

Thus Scott Smith was dubbed the Gallagher of the Rope World.

And now, for the final round; Dov & Murphy vs Lochai & Gray.

For this last battle, the rules were modified. Only one bottom was allowed. For Gray & Lochai, Phoenix and Celeste Rock-Paper-Scissored for the position; Phoenix got the spot. Murphy & Dov had a ringer in their back pocket, electing to use Lqqkout as their bottom, which technically wasn't against the rules, but still...

The music started; the battle began. Both groups had had a quick moment time to pow wow. Gray & Lochai began by lifting Phoenix into the air over their shoulders and tying her at both ends. The trio of Murphy, Dov & Lqqkout had the brilliant idea of cutting their rope, in hopes of lengthening their strands and increasing their tying abilities. Once again, this was not against the rules, but come the fuck on... Turns out, though, their idea was not so great. Their rope soon turned to a tangled mess.

Before the round started, Gray had given Lochai his safety shears. Gray turned to Lochai and told him it was time. Lochai snipped the top of Gray's boxers. Gray then ripped off the top pair, revealing his secret weapon: a pair of sequined, chained, awesome boxers he had purchased the first night of camp. Only I, the vendor who sold them, and CabEx knew about them; the rest of the audience was shocked and awed. The crowd roared.

But then, somehow, it became a three-on-one competition: Gray vs the Trio. Lochai took the pretty girl off into a corner while Gray was attacked from all sides. Gray tried to counter their attacks by tying them, at one point attaching a small weight to one of them.

A 5 Hour Energy dropped out of Murphy's pocket. Gray picked it up, poured it into his mouth, and then spit it out in a burst of liquid. In the cross fire, Dov was momentarily blinded. Somehow, Lqqkout ended up with three flippers on, two on his feet and one on a hand. Gray, during the battle, had a quick negotiation with Lqqkout for a CBT tie.

There was also some wrestling between Murphy and Gray, which ended up with them grappling on the ground. Needless to say, I freaked out a little, and began yelling. "His back. His back. Oh my God, Gray's back. Watch out for his back." At one point, Gray and Murphy rolled over, breaking an oar in half that was one of the assigned props. (Incidentally, the two men saved the pieces as mementos.)

By the end of the second song, the only person that had any rope work complete was Lochai, who had Phoenix in a pretty tie on the side. Lqqkout, in response, rushed over and knelt beside Phoenix. Dov came over and tied a bow around Lqqkout's hands.

Once again, the emcee asked the audience for applause to determine the winner. It was eventually decided, "I think it's the audience that won."

The whole event was beyond hilarious. It was one of those instances where you wished they had taken video of it because it was so much fun.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Right After

My breath caught in my throat. My hands went to my mouth to quiet a sob. Even in my sadness, I didn't want to wake my roommate, who was snoozing on the couch beside me.

A few tears fell. I stopped them. I took a few deep breaths.

I got my things together.

My roommate woke. I told her the news. She expressed her sympathy. I told her goodnight.

I went upstairs, closed the door to my room, turned on the radio, and cried into my pillow. I gave myself five minutes.

When I felt the time had come to calm down, I tried calling a friend; no answer. I texted them, telling them to call me when they were free.

I called another friend.  They picked up. We talked; they distracted me, calmed me down. I thanked them. I hung up.

I pulled out my laptop and started writing. I wrote. And wrote. And wrote.

I typed the things I couldn't say, the things I didn't say, the things I didn't want to say or believe. I read back what I wrote. I cried again.

I wrote more. I let my mind go where I had kept my mind from wondering. I named, owned, and accepted my feelings. I awknowledged my part in my hurt.

I questioned what was to come next. I questioned who I was as a person, my intentions, my expectations. I questioned and answered and accepted some more.

It all helped, a bit.

I put away my laptop, curled up with my stuffed turtle, and went to sleep, my cries now ended.

And now I'm... better. I'm okay-ish. I'm still moving forward, because I have no choice in it. I have to do it, whether or not it's the way I had hoped.

I am who I am, disappointments or not.


She looked like she was on fire.

"Call me Red." Red hair, red lips, red thigh high stiletto boots; the name was more than appropriate.

"You are here because?"

"I think... I think my..."

"You think your husband is cheating on you?" Red uncrossed her legs, set them down off her desk, and stood. Even without the boots, I could tell she was a tall woman. But the stilettos, they gave her power.

"Yes." She sauntered to the front of the desk, sat on a corner, crossed her arms, and stared me down.

"Why?" I couldn't meet her gaze. I bowed my head and focused on those boots. A part of me wished I were the type of woman who could wear them.

"He... I..."

"Stop. Calm down. Now, tell me why."

"I let him... When we have, when we had sex, I do, did, whatever he wanted. I'd lie there and just... And he seems, seemed, to enjoy it. My body was... his. But we haven't had sex in... a while. So I know."

"How long is a while?"

"Three months."

"Oh." Her mouth formed the letter, accentuating her crimson lips even more.

"I don't know what I did wrong. I cooked, I cleaned, I ran errands, while still working myself. I made him a home. And whatever he wanted, whatever he wanted, I did for him. So, why?" I was finally able to meet her stare. I hoped she had the answer, knew how to fix me, to fix my marriage.

"He doesn't want you. You're just convient." And there it was, what I never wanted to awknowledge, what I never wanted to say. "In you he has a maid, a secretary, and a sex slave, but not a wife."  Nothing she said rang false; it hurt to hear the truth. I dropped my head again, the despair of reality setting in.

"What do I do?"

"I'm not your therapist. That shit's up to you." She got up again, and this time stood right in front of me. I found my eyes locked on her boots once more. "What you first have to determine is what you want?"

"I don't know."

"Yes you do." Her hand grabbed my chin and raised my head. As I looked up, I saw the devilish glee in her gaze. "Tell me what you want."

"I don't want to feel like this. I don't want to be like this. I want... I want..."

"You. Want."

"I want to hurt him.  I want him to be in pain."

"Now, that I can help you with."

Sunday, October 23, 2011



He was beautiful. I don't mean that in an over-the-top facetious way. Simply put, Nico was beautiful. His physique, his face, his manner lent itself to only being described as such. And, most likely, I'll never see him again.

It was August, and I had traveled five hours on a bus, forty-five minutes on the Subway, and fifteen blocks to get to my brother's apartment. Daniel lived in New York City, but was about to move back home. For the two years he'd been in the Big Apple, I'd promised to come visit, and never did. This was my last chance.

Danny welcomed the help to pack and haul his shit down the four flights of stairs from his level to the ground floor. I looked forward to spending time with my brother, who I'd barely seen since he graduated college and moved away.

We grew up separately, sharing only one parent, but had grown to care for one another as siblings do. After my weekend with him, I felt Danny and I would only grow closer as our four year separation in age now seemed irrelevant.

Climbing the mountain of stairs to his aparmtent, I was sweaty and tired. I hated the bus trip, tolerated the train ride, and pushed myself through the walk. Finally, finally I would be able to drop my bag and relax for a bit. As I approached his place, I heard loud music. Soon, I realized it came from his home. Shit, so much for relaxation.

The door was slightly ajar, as Danny had to buzz me into the building. Through the crack, I could see people milling about. I pushed open the door and was greeted with loud "heys" as a group of about a dozen people, most with drinks in hand, celebrated Danny's brother's arrival.

"Jesus Christ, Danny, that is a fucking hike."

"You made it fine, Big Bro. Here, have a drink."

Danny handed me a freshly opened beer. I tossed my bag in a corner and downed the drink quickly.

"Now that's the way to start." Nico, who I had not seen in the throng until now, spoke. As soon as I saw him, I knew my weekend would be difficult. My heart quickened; my boxers got a little tighter. I reminded myself to breathe.

"Let me introduce you to everyone. Big Bro, this is Nico." As I reached out to grasp Nico's hand, I forced a smile across my face. Our gazes met for a moment. His cocoa brown eyes mimiced his creamy brown skin. But just as I thought I was making a connection with this Adonis of a man, Danny quickly hustled me away to meet everyone else in the room.

Kristy and Kala were English, their accents tickling the back of my neck. If I had not met Nico first, my boxers would've shrunk at the sight of these two women.

Jordan and Ashley were twins, unfortunately or not, two guys with andorgenous names. They both seemed to overcompensate, acting most of the night life drunken frat boys, which made sense because they were Danny's line brothers. The girls all laughed at their antics. I avoided them in an effort to not beat the shit out of them for annoying me.

Kevin and Lindy were a couple, both Japanese. They were in law school and shared a room in Danny's apartment. Danny mentioned to me, before I came up, that I might hear them at night; earplugs wouldn't be a bad idea.

There were other people whose names I can't remember. I forgot them for a reason. My attention was solidly on Nico.

Armed with my second beer, Danny decided he wanted to play a drinking game. Seeing this was his goodbye party, Danny got what Danny wanted. A beer was poured into a pint glass and a deck of cards was spread all around it. I had not played this game and can barely remember the rules. I know each card was associated with an action, and if you messed up you drank.

To bad for Danny, one of the cards required a shortened game of Never Have I Ever.

"Never have I ever had anal sex."

"Guys, that's my fucking big brother."


Nico didn't put a finger down.

Around 2am, the group stumbled over to a bar, aptly named Stumbled In. I chatted with Kevin and Lindy. Danny flirted with a short blonde whose name I think was Beth. I averted my eyes, trying to not imagine the once twelve year who I took to movies on weekends getting it on with some skank.
When I turned away, I saw Nico, playing beer pong.

We didn't stay long. Nico won his game, but wanted to crash. I was tired as fuck and needed to sleep. I'm pretty sure Kevin and Lindy wanted to fuck. Danny had walked away with the blonde, so our foursome walked back to the apartment, leaving the rest of the party-goers to their drunken revelry.
As we walked the city streets, a stark difference from the suburbs where Danny I and grew up, Nico strolled beside me. Kevin and Lindy were about half a block ahead of us.

"How long have you known Danny?"

"We met in college."

"Same fraternity?"


"Why did you guys even bother with that shit?"

"It wasn't like those shitty movies. Nobody beat my ass. It was just...I met your brother that way. I met a lot of people that way. It was something to do in the middle of bum-fuck. And the keggers were legendary."

"Alright, I guess."

Nico continued to slow our pace. Lindy and Kevin were now a block ahead of us.

"Where do you live?"

"Queens. I normally crash on the couch on weekends. But since you're here, I'll get the air mattress."


"Wouldn't be the first time."


"When we get back, I'll bet money Danny is playing Fifa while that chic is sitting on the couch
watching. Normally, as soon as she fell asleep, he'd head off to bed. But since you're here, he'll probably send her home."

"Thank god for small favors. She was such..."

"A skank. Yup, Danny attracts them, though I've never seen him bite, just tease." Nico, as he said "tease," ran his hand behind my ear. I reflexively scrunched in my body, grabbing his hand while I squirmed. My grip stopped us in our tracks.

"Relax dude. I'm just fucking with you." Nico softly pulled my hand off his wrist and started walking, speeding up our pace to catch Kevin and Lindy.

Back at the apartment, after passing the skank on the stairs, I stripped down to my boxers, and rearranged the pillows on the couch to get ready to sleep. Nico, also in just his boxers, inflated the air mattress. It was situated right where the couch ended, the only space open enough to fit it. Lindy and Kevin, thankfully, seemed to have passed out in their room.

"Here." Nico had gone to a closet and brought over a blanket. "Danny runs the air all night."
"Thanks." I'm still not sure if Nico brushed my hand on purpose, or if it was just happenstance, but I quickly turned away so he didn't see my forming bulge. Lying down on the couch, I brought the edge of the blanket to just below my chin, and curled up ready to sleep. I heard plastic movement sounds as Nico laid on the air mattress.

I laid, facing the back of the couch, and closed my eyes, trying to go to sleep, but all I saw was Nico's chest and abs, defined muscles almost begging to be kissed and licked. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't push him out of my mind. After a few minutes, I listened for the sound of his breathing, but heard nothing. I wondered if he was still awake.

My question was answered when I felt a hand reach under my blanket and start massaging my cock from behind. I gasped, but another hand went over my mouth.

"Shh..." He whispered into my ear.

"Nico?" His hand muffled my voice, but in response I felt soft kisses on the back of my neck. He removed his hand as I turned to lay on my back. "What are you doing?"

"What you wanted me to do since you met me. I saw that look on your face, and again in the bar." He gripped my cock harder, pulling, stroking me confidently. This wasn't his first time.

"I'm going to suck your cock until you're hard enough to fuck me."

"What the..?" Before I could finish my sentence, his lips were over the tip of my head, dancing their way down my shaft, deftly sliding a condom on. I gritted my teeth, trying to hold back my need to moan. I grabbed one of the pillows and put in over my mouth. Expletives warmed the soft material.

With my free hand, I gripped the back of Nico's head and began fucking his face. He seemed to have no gag reflex to speak of, and took my cock in fully. His hand played with my balls while also reaching down one digit to tickle my asshole. He was good.

Pulling his head off my cock, I pushed his face onto the couch as I got up. He wasn't wearing his boxers anymore, his hard cock pointing towards the ground. I knealt down as he presented his ass to me, reaching back to spread his cheeks. With a few choice thrusts, I was inside his hot little ass.
One hand on his shoulder, the other on his hip, I rode that perfect bodied boy, our grunts disguised by the air conditioner, which had just kicked in. Letting go of his hip, I reached down and started stroking his cock, the thought of it inside me a tempting prospect for the future.

My lips by his ear, I whispered, "You love my dick inside you, don't you Nico?"


"You love me pounding the shit back into you, don't you?"


"Your my little faggot, aren't you?"


"Say it. Say it, or I'll stop fucking you."

"Yes. I'm your little faggot. I'm your little faggot who loves to be fucked in the ass."

"Good, faggot." I pulled out, riped off the condom, turned his face, and spewed in his mouth. He grabbed my ass, sucked on the tip, and drank me dry. I collapsed back on the couch. He stayed seated on the floor.



"I thought..."

"I'm good at hiding it."

"How? Why?"

Nico stood, stretching out a bit. He then turned, and swung at me, connecting right on my chin.

"Because nobody calls me a fucking faggot, faggot." I was stunned, not just from the blow. I didn't know what to say.

Nico got back on the air mattress and I soon heard his low snores. I stayed wide awake on the couch until the Sun started kissing in the sky. I didn't understand what had happened. I didn't understand at all. Somehow, I passed out.

When I woke up, the air mattress was put away and Nico was gone. Danny said Nico came and went as he pleased, being trusted enough to have a key.

I didn't see Nico again for the rest of the weekend. When Danny asked how I got the bruise on my chin, I said I fell on the way back from the bar.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rope and Cigar Play

Rope Camp Memories continued...

My wrists freed, I ran back to Cabin 20. I quickly showered, changed, and headed back up to 1/2. I thought I was going to help Gray carry his things, thinking of his back. However, when I arrived, he had already left. I again ran, this time over to the upper fire circle, and met up with Gray and Lochai. Thankfully, Lochai had assisted Gray in bringing over the supplies for the class.

Catching my breath, I took a moment to give Gray his present: a crocheted apple I'd made for him. Cuteness complete, I jumped into helping him setup.

As the beginning of class aprroached, I sat at Gray's knee. He took a moment to tie his lighter to my wrist again. I had held it for him for quite some time, but he'd taken it back on the first day of camp. It felt good to back back on my wrist.

As our audience gathered, Gray realized he'd forgotten his shot glass, as well as any other cups. I quickly scurried to the Dining Hall to retrieve cups and ran to my cabin to grab shot glasses. I returned just in time to start.

As he began, Gray mentioned to the audience that, not only was I a demo bottom, I was also a co-creator of the class. Gray awknowledged my input and effort into shaping the content. I was not expecting his praise, a welcome delight before the fun had even begun.

He also, quite unexpectedly, pimped my blog. He spoke about how, if one wanted to read about our process of workshopping the material, you could go to... and he spouted the web address. As it happened, not only was I shocked, but I was embarrassed, and humbled, and grateful.

After stunning me with his generosity, I sat at his knee and Gray delved into the lesson.

He first listed the three basic aspects of cigar play: Sensation, Ritual, and Dominace.

To give an example for ritual, Gray pointed out the lighter. He talked about the ritual of him tying the lighter to my wrist the night we developed the class, and the signifcance it had to me, which Gray had no idea about until he read my blog post. He spoke about how it stayed on my wrist all night, even while we were fucking. Gray then told how, the first night of camp, I got a sad face when he took it off. Like our lighter, he suggested creating your own rituals.

Still focusing on ritual, Gray bound my right arm into a chicken wing, with my hand flat and my palm facing up. He called this tie the 'human-dor.' With the lighter on my left wrist and his cutter hung around my neck, I carried a box of cigars, donated by Maui Kink, around to everyone, giving them out to any who wanted one.

For sensation, Gray mentioned there are many different ways to use cigars. He first asked me to give my anecdotal story about the burnt cigar in my Hello Kitty bag from Fusion. I explained how the scent flavored everything in my bag, down to my gum. He suggested having rope flavored with a burnt cigar, though mentioned this would be your 'cigar rope' as the smell would cling to natural fibers.

Gray then listed three aspects of the cigar best used for sensation play: heat, smoke, and ash. To incorporate rope, Gray bound me in a crossed arm tie. He then held the cigar near the back of my neck, my nipples, gliding oh so close to my skin. With my arms bound, there was no flinging or flinching to be had. For the ash, Gray broke off a piece and spanked me with it. He also broke it off in my hand, using me as his ashtray. For smoke, he blew smoke into my face and then gave me a smoke kiss.

By then I was quite wet. Gray had previously asked me to insert a cigar tube into my vagina. I got so slick, it slipped out while I sat. Gray had me lean back and then slid his cigar end in between my lips, 'flavoring' the tip. "Better than cognac."

Gray spoke next about eating ash. He noted how I loved to do it, and gave the class a few fun terms. There was monogam-ash and polyamor-ash, pretty much self explainatory. However, in stark contrast, he dubbed me slut-ash.

Gray mused that, if given the decision between giving him a blow job or eating ash out of his hand, he'd really have to think about it. He found the experience was just so intimate and hot. He mentioned how one doesn't know if they like something until all of a sudden one experiences it. That was what happened with my eating cigar ash out of Gray's hand for the first time. "Oh, I like this. I really like this."

As Gray spoke, I looked over and saw Deiter had broken off some ash into his hand. After getting permission from Gray, on my hands and knees, I crawled over to Deiter and ate the ash out of his hand. He found it to be quite nice.

For another way to incorporate rope, Gray introduced predicament bondage with a cigar. He bound around my face, where I was forced to keep my lips pursed to hold the cigar from falling.

As the class progressed, Celeste helped Gray keep his cigar going while he tied or talked. Lochai also chimed in throughout with his own personal stories and anecdotes.

Gray brought up great pairings with cigars: whiskey (for which Gray brought Gentleman Jack) and dark chocolate. I passed around cups while he gave out chocolate; the bottle of Jack was shared.

Next came the T-shirt and underwear spectacle. Using ash to mark where my nipples and clit were, Gray used the cigar to burn holes through the fabric so that my fun nubs peeked out.

While I laid on the ground, Gray sat on me, his crotch in my face. I wanted to give him head, but he had on two pairs of underwear. I tried nuzzling him, but finally he told me to "Stop that." I couldn't help it; I always want to give him head cause I love sucking on his cock. [Yes, I am pouting.]

As Gray performed the spectacle, instead of the embers being a problem on my underwear as they had been that workshop night, this time he had issues with my shirt. I happened to mumble, "Not again," which was met with a brusk, "Quiet" from Gray.

"Did she say, not again?" asked someone in the audience. Gray then recounted the tale of our first attempt, the trouble we had with my panties, and his need to pull out his knife to cut off the fabric before I was burned. Of course, the class found this quite amusing.

With the holes made, Gray pointed out how, when you highlight the clit with the hole, you can do things like... He riped open the underwear to create a huge opening, great for masturbation, later.

As the conclusion of class was soon approaching, Gray had to rush through the end.

For dominance, Gray went over the objectification poses we had created. The first had me on my knees. My back was arched with my hands on my ankles. My lips were pursed, serving as a cigar holder. To incorporate rope, he explained you could tie a hip harness and secure it above me to support my weight and allow me to hold the pose much longer.

The second pose had me with my chest on the ground, my ass up in the air. Both of my arms were held straight back at my sides. One hand served as an ash tray, the other held his whiskey. The cleft of my ass was his cigar holder. In this position, I could have my wrists tied to my thighs to help me hold my arms up.

In the third and final position, I laid on my back, my knees up, bent, and spread out. My wrists would be tied to my inner thighs. This again left my hands as useful surfaces to hold things, with the split of my vulva as the holder for the cigar.

Breaking off ash onto my exposed clit, Gray rubbed it in, and then had me masturbate as class was dismissed.

As people filtered out, Gray talked with those who approached, and asked if they enjoyed the experience. Everyone, including Gray and I, was disappointed that we only had 90 minutes instead of the two hours for the day classes. Though Gray explained how to create the objectification poses, he didn't have enough time to actually show the ties.

As the participants thined out, two of the people who appraoched Gray were from the kitchen staff. The two men had randomly walked by, but decided to stay and attend the class when they saw it had to do with cigars. There was a funny moment, while I was a 'human-dor', where instead of waiting for the cigar cutter, one used his own knife while the other simply used his teeth and bit off the tip. As the men chatted, Gray learned one was from Mexico City. Gray had worked there, so the group exchanged contact information.

With everyone gone, Gray knealed down on the ground and looked at me. He asked if I'd orgamsed yet, which I had not. I had gotten close, but had not cum. Once again, I mentioned how I needed assistance. Gray slid his fingers into my very wet and wanting pussy. I soon orgasmed, screaming his name.

Lochai had helped clean up while I was masturbating on the ground, though by my ecstasy he was gone. Most everything Gray brought had been packed. Gray, though, needed to go. I offered to take his things back to the cabin so he could leave for the rigger vs. rigger competition. He agreed, telling me to find him once I joined the campus at the show.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Class Prep

Rope Camp Memories continued...
At the end of dinner, I went up to Dov, and motioned for him to unlock my handcuffs. He informed me that no, I needed to orgasm before he'd unlock me. And then he ran away.

Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck! What the fuck was going on?

I absolutely needed the handcuffs off; I had to shower and change for Gray's Rope and Cigar Play class, which was soon approaching.

I hurriedly found Gray, asking again for permission to orgasm. He, in turn, told me to go ask Lqqkout. Yeah, the guys loved giving me the run around.

Finding Lqqkout, he gave his consent, and said I needed to tell Gray, "Kimono boy says yes."

I rushed over to Gray, thankfully not too far away, and spoke my line.

"Don't you mean kimono man?"

My permission secured from Gray, I now felt lost. Yes, I could cum, but I needed help, especially with the handcuffs on. Lqqkout, standing right next to me, along with AmyMorgan, both volunteered.

We started walking towards my cabin, but stopped soon after exiting the Dining Hall. The takedown for Cabin Meat had started. Murphy was quickly tying her. CabEx had a knife to her throat. Cabin Thug held down her chest. Gray had a foot on chest, as well. Dov held her legs.

Fuck I want to to watch this. It was incredibly hot, but I had to orgasm.

As they picked her up and headed back to 1/2, I proceeded to run to my cabin. Lqqkout and Amy followed.

Rushing in, I explained I needed one person on dildo and one person on nipples. I would take the vibrator. Lqqkout volunteered for dildo, while Amy took nipples. Lqqkout helped me take off my strapless bra and did a trick to remove my bag, pulling the strap through the cuffs.

I gave Lqqkout both my dildos, one average sized and the other large. I pulled out my largest and most powerful vibrator. We got started.

Lqqkout was able to maneuver both dildos into me, but it was a bit awkward. He instead just used my large black cock. Amy pinched and pulled at my nipples, playing with them. I turned on my vibrator, which sounded like a lawn mower, and started riding it.

As we went on, I mentioned to Lqqkout how I orgasmed when people thumped my cervix. "Oh, really?" Lqqkout, in turn, started punching my dildo, thumping my cervix so hard I screamed; the orgasm was so intense, the second one came almost immediately.

After number two, I was about to jump out of bed to go to the takedown. But I had had so much fun getting my pair of orgasms, I had to go for just one more. The third was amazing still, a great full body thrashing orgasm. I left my cabin really happy.

Lqqkout, Amy, and I headed back to 1/2. On the way, Lqqkout informed me Gray had the key for the cuffs. Once we arrived, I learned Gray was in the shower. This gave me time to watch some of Cabin Meat's takedown. She was tied to the stacks on the front lawn Cabin Thug had set earlier. CabEx, Murphy, Dov, and Cabin Thug were tormenting her, having Cabin Meat scream out her name over and over again.

Once Gray finished his shower, I approached him, and asked for the key to unlock the handcuffs. He asked if I had orgasmed, to which I confirmed I did. Lqqkout, who was in Cabin 1, yelled over the wall that actually I'd orgasmed three times, ratting on me. Not knowing what else to do, I called Lqqkout a liar.

And then there was some yelling; that part is a little foggy cause, well, I was scared shitless that I was going to be called out on my blatant lie.

Gray, thankfully, worked out some logic. In his mind, my second orgasm negated my first, but my third then negated the second. Of course, then he wondered if it was the other way around.

Dov then walked in, and started yelling at me. He said I was suppose to have the key. I said I wasn't suppose to have it. Dov then asked me if I was calling him a liar. I vehemently denied this, and said I was just trying to explain that I didn't have the key.

Right when I thought I was about to get layed into, Gray, who had moved away when Dov walked in, approached, key in hand. He unlocked the handcuffs; my lie went unpunished.

I ran back to my cabin and got ready for the Rope and Cigar Play class.

[Note to self: Should look into being in an interrogation scene.]

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Rope Camp Memories Continued...
So Dov orgasmed, laughing at my pain, my female blue balls all but dragging on the floor. I put my clothes back on in the bathroom, but, instead of my himation, I tied the fabric around my waste.

As I did so, Dov asked the cabin if he should bring his handcuffs to dinner.

"Yes, hand cuffs are always a good idea." Sometimes I should just keep my fucking mouth shut.

"Really? Come here." Throwing my Hello Kitty bag across my shoulder, I stepped in front of him.

Dov told me to put my hands out. He then secured the handcuffs to my wrists, double locking them so they wouldn't constrict, but damn sure were not coming off. He then told me to see him after dinner.

I headed to the Dining Hall. As I walked, I could feel the weight of the cuffs, the strength of the metal. They were real. I liked those handcuffs.

Entering the Dining Hall, I spyed Gray in a back corner working. I decided to leave him alone, and walked into the Dining Hall proper. Peering through a window, I saw folks had tied up the rafts in the pool. I tried to take a picture, but the grating made it difficult and the distance was too far. Heading back outside, I went over to the pool and captured the shot.

Back inside the Dining Hall, I saw Gray was talking to Midori and seemed to be finished working. I slowly apporached. As I came near, they both looked at me, then looked down at my hands. I smiled.

After Midori left, I sweetly asked Gray if I could orgasm.


Why? Because it would make him meaner than Dov. AGH! But... But... I was frustrated and horny, but that just made it better for him.

The cuffs were not a hindrance as I grabbed Gray's bag, and threw it over my shoulder. We started back to the cabin. On the way, Dov stopped us to talk to Gray. I was going to wait obdiently, but Dov looked at me and paused. Gray ordered me to keep walking and I didn't think much of it. I waited on the cabin porch, sitting in my camp chair.

After a few minutes, I saw Gray climb over the hill. After some yelling, I dropped his bag on his bed and met him in the grass. We made our way back to the Dining Hall.

When we got in line for food, Gray put a plate in my hands, but then put the utensils in my mouth. To serve myself, each time I sat down the plate and was able scoop food just fine. I kept moving, slowly, but I was able to do it.

Sitting at the far side back corner table, we joined the NYR crew. I loved that corner; it felt like we were the naughty kids, the ones your parents warned you about, the ones you desparately wanted to hang out with.

I happened to sit beside Lqqkout, who had just arrived that day. Later, once I was almost done with my meal, Slut approached and offered Lqqkout table service, oral sex from under the table. He informed her he would love to experience her skills, but he had to be wearing a condom. Reaching into my bag, I pulled out a rubber. Once again, the Cabin Bitch saved the day. Lqqkout gloved; Slut gave love; I finished eating.

Slut later cycled to Celeste, then Gray. As Slut was still working, Gray and Dov started chatting, and came up with what they thought was a brilliant idea. Gray and Dov mentioned to Lqqkout that the Cabin Bitch gave great head too. So, why don't we have a competition between Cabin Slut and Cabin Bitch to see who gave better head?

Okay guys, let me explain why I wasn't over the Moon about this idea. Don't get me wrong; I love giving head. Love it. I loved giving head to people sitting at that table. And I loved the fact that Gray and Dov were complimenting me on my oral skills. You guys sure knew how to make a girl feel special.

However, when I gave head, as you may have noticed, I tended to gag. Nothing wrong with that; I rather enjoyed the feeling and the loss of power it gave me. I would never look down on that effect. But, guys, I had just finished eating. JUST FINISHED EATING. When I've gagged, occasionally things came up. So far it's only been water because til then you had not requested head two minutes after I'd JUST FINISHED EATING.

Did you really want me to vomit up Mexican food on your dicks? Really? Really? Now do you understand why I didn't seem pleased at your idea? Now do you understand why I looked demure, smiled, but said nothing and wouldn't make eye contact?

Yeah.  Yeah.

Next year, though, not directly after a meal, come talk to me. Seriously. Please. I actually think it would be a lot of fun.

So... After Slut finished giving table service, Lqqkout got under the table and started fingering/fisting her. And, because Lqqkout was that good, Slut squirted. We all chipped in to quickly clean up the mess.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Motherfucking Sadist

Rope Camp Memories continued...

I arrived to Dov's class with rope in tow, and sat with Murphy's friend.  The two of us chatted while waiting for the presentation to start.

Dov began with a short lecture on language, explaining Japanese names for ties were descriptive. He talked about how each tie had different variations, how no tie was a specific set of knots. He also spoke on how each tie changed with the body of the person being bound.

Dov mentioned muscle memory, how a tie should be like second nature; Japanese bondage was about learning a skill. He also gave a thorough safety briefing, talking about circulation, limb motions, having safety shears easily available, and staying calm when things don't go as planned.

Lecture complete, Dov had everyone stand for the hands on portion. I got undressed.

To start, he quickly showed everyone a complete chest harness. Securing my wrists behind my back, he quickly wrapped rope around my torso and completed the tie.

After the first few strands were on my body, it dawned on me how much I'd overlooked about what was going to happen in this class. I'd brought my rope with me, but would be doing no tying. As a demo bottom, and getting ensnared in Dov's rope, my mind would not be on learning. Just that fast, I had already dropped into sub space. Oh well, I'll just learn this later. Hmm...

Chest harness shown, Dov began untying me, but he stopped short of completely removing the rope. Instead, he kept my wrists tied behind my back.

Holding on, you fucking bitch. I thought the ropes were coming off. Why aren't the ropes off?

My body did not appreciate this tease. My arm muscles started to cramp and my wrists started to whine. With some effort, I found I could rotate my wrists around in a circle, alleviating some of the complaints and giving my arm muscles a chance to feel somethig different.

Each time Dov came in close, leaned into me, and added back to the chest harness, my body let out some endorphines. My arms didn't ache as much and my wrists quieted a bit. I breathed through the pain, accepted it, got over it. And each time, I got just a little hornier.

There was a constant up down as Dov tied a little and then went around the room to check the students' work. Oh, this is hot. Oh, the pain. Oh, I'm horny. Fuck, this hurts.

With the box tie complete once more, I thought Dov would take it off and give my limbs some peace. Instead, he pushed me, and I landed on the pile of mattresses on the ground we'd all ignored.

I don't feel any pain anymore, I thought as I looked up at Dov. Thank you endorphines.

Dov showed the class a frog leg, explaining this could be translated to an arm as a chicken wing. Securing my left leg, he tied off to the chest piece, and asked if I could untie myself. He just so happened to put the knot near my fingers. With some effort, I began to undo his work.

Realizing I could reach it, he began kicking me in the pussy.

"That's not a motivation for me to untie this."

"Now my foot is wet."

Dov took the rope I had been working on, tied a cuff to my right ankle, and secured it by binding it to my hair. Once again, he encouraged me to try to undo the ties. Like a good little sub, I made the effort, but found no way for me to get myself free.

Finished with his lesson, Dov excused the class. A few people stayed behind to talk, including Murphy's friend. Dov still above me, I wriggled my body and head around to look at him.

"Dov, can we do something later?" He nodded his agreement.

As Dov continued to chat with the stragglers, he began untying me. With the rope off, I got up on my knees, but Dov didn't let go of my hands. Instead he tied my wrists together in front of me and strung his rope over a rafter. The height held me high enough that knealing was a problem.

He began beating on me, punching and slapping my body. Finished with his impact work, he took down the rope and undid my wrists. Standing behind me, rather than completely removing the rope, he restricted my breathing, pulling up against my windpipe. He choked the air out of me.

But, as he was doing this, Murphy walked into the room, and beckoned Dov back to the NYR cabin for a planning sesson.

"But I'm about to fuck her!"

"You can fuck her later."

"Fine. Cabin Bitch, coil all my rope and bring it back to the cabin so I can check it." Dov left with Murphy; after I caught my breath, I scrambled around fulfilling my task.

Chatting with Murphy's friend, we assembled all of Dov's rope. We also quickly took photos of my ligature marks. Task complete, we then headed back to the cabin. Checking in with Dov, he approved of my coils.

The NYR crew was preparing up for something, but I didn't know what. Cabin Thug was setting spikes in the ground. Dov headed outside to lash together a bamboo tripod. He then took a shower while Cabin Exhibitionist worked on a second tripod. Coming back outside, Dov helped CabEx with his work. As he did, he grabbed me by my hair and had me give him head.

The bamboo teach complete, Dov went back inside, ordering me to follow. He told me to open the box of condoms he handed me. Once unpackaged, I grabbed one and gave it to him.

Forcing my head down for yet more oral, Dov informed me I needed to ask Gray if I could cum, mirroring my Wednesday night fuck. Funny enough, Gray was not there. Pushing my mouth off his cock, Dov slipped on the condom and pulled me onto his bed.

Positioning me in doggy style, Dov began fucking me hard. As we were going, I got caught up in the insect net above his bed. We hastily flung it away. As he rode me, he joked with people randomly in the cabin. He started varying his fucking speed, but always thrusted hard. I enjoyed it, but I also got pissed. I wanted to cum, but where the fuck was Gray?

Dov thrusted incredibly fast, then slowed it down to a deep rhythm, then increased to a medium speed.  I greatly enjoyed his skills, but all I wanted to do was cum. Everything in me wanted to cum, but no Gray. Fuck, show up. Fuck, show up. Fuck, show up! He never did.

Dov fucked the shit out of me. It was really good sex. But no, I did not get my ecstasy.

Motherfucking Sadist!

Late Start

Rope Camp Memories continued...

Going to bed at 6:40am did not encourage me in any way, shape, or form to go to the 10am Hojojutsu class, though I had been looking froward to it since before camp started. I did, randomly, wake up at 9:50am, and the thought occurred to me I could run to the presentation if I stood up at right that moment. Instead, I rolled over for what I thought had been a minute. Re-checking my phone, it was now 10:45am. So much for Hojo in the morning.

Instead I got up and took a long shower. For my outfit that day, I decided to be different. I had worn a tank top and boxers the first two days. I wanted today to be special.

Searching through my various articles of clothing, I decided to be creative. I pulled out a long piece of gold silk fabric and wrapped it around myself like a Greek himation. Tucking the top of the fabric into my strapless bra, I used a safety pin to hem the bottom to my mid thigh. I then took a piece of chain and wrapped it just under my breasts, giving the fabric more of a shape and definition. Looking at myself in the mirror, I was pleased with the outcome, a cute little dress.

After heading up to Cabin 1/2, I walked with everyone to the Dining Hall for lunch. As soon as I got in line, Gray came up to me. Apparently he had made it to the Hojo Class that morning (shit), but said he would teach me what I'd missed sometime (sweet).

[Side note: Still waiting to call in that chit.]

Gray also informed me he'd heard Murphy's "Good Cabin Bitch" as I left to pass out earlier that morning. He'd taken some of the medicaiton, and was wearing one of the back patches I'd purchased; because of this, he was feeling much better.

After getting our food, Gray and I sat with Midori, Delano, and Michelle. I quietly ate and listened as the four of them talked. Let me just say, it was moments like this that made me feel like the luckiest newbie alive. I often joke that, when it comes to rope, I'm a Sophomore who hangs out with Seniors. Yeah, in this instance, I felt like a freshman eating with graduate students.

The majority of their discussion centered on a statement Midori had written about on her blog: The most dangerous S/M scene you can experience with a person is a scene that involves intimacy and vulnerability, that builds and feeds on connection. She spoke about how difficult it is to have such a scene while doing a suspension because you have to worry about getting the person up and down safely. In her words, she couldn't explore her Ghost. To Midori, suspension bondage felt like service topping.

As I sat their, amazed I was even in the room with these folks, let alone at the table soaking in their discourse, I loved just listening to them talk, hearing their thoughts, getting a peek into Midori's mind.

Towards the end of their conversation, Murphy happened to walk by... with his Nerf gun. Gray asked to hold it, taking in the feel of it. Murphy was then called off to go talk to someone across the room. As he chatted, Gray got a mischevious look in his eye. Taking aim, he shot the Nerf gun at Murphy. He landed four out of five shots, but Murphy took no notice.

The chambers emptied, Gray and I headed over to Big Bro. I picked up the pellets, but Murphy said I was still missing one. Gray and I looked all around, but to no avail. Then Murphy looked at his gun. Oops, there were only five, not six. Thanks, Bro.

After lunch, we headed back up to 1/2. Setting down my things, Gray decided he wanted a Diet Coke. He sent me back to the Dining Hall with money. Checking the vending machines, they were out, but thankfully the camp store sold me a rather cold one.

When I delivered the soda, Lochai happened to be showing Gray a billy club type bat. Like a good little submissive, I leaned over the railing and let Gray try out the toy on my ass. It was quite nice.

I was soon naked at Gray's knee again, but I couldn't stay there long; I had class. Murphy, however, decided he wanted a soda, too. I ran to the camp store, bought him his drink, and delivered it as fast as I could. Quickly reassembling my himation dress, I headed over to Dov's Japanese Bondage Fundamentals.

Monday, October 17, 2011



I arrived to the party late, long after everyone had passed their sober threshold, whether through alcohol or the endorphines of play.

The front door was open. This was a calm affluent neighborhood, no threat of any interruptions. Quietly creeping in the door, I took off my shoes, but then decided to disrobe, removing my work clothes, leaving just my panties and bra on.

Slowly slinking through the hallway, I heard voices coming from, what I assumed, was the living room. I strained to gather their conversation.

"Kitty!" Anna, one of the home owners, saw me. "You made it."

"Came as soon as I got off work."

I stepped into the room and saw about half a dozen of my friends, all in various stages of undress. Anna popped up and hurried over to hug me. Her body was warm against my autumn weather tempered skin. I made my way around the room, embracing each person, but someone was missing.

"Where's Jesse?"

"Around," Lena, his Mistress, said, a wry smile on her face.

"Hmm. Well, I'm gonna go explore. I'll be back."

I stepped out into the hallway and continued my adventure.

Just past the living room, I came upon the dining room, a spread of finger foods gracing a large wooden table. I ate a grape and moved on.

Softly stepping, I once again heard chatting, this time from the kitchen. Sneaking a peek, I saw a few more of my friends, drinking and flirting. Terence had his hands on Tina's hips, lightly squeezing at the boney clefts. Tina rested her head on his chest, but still held eye contact with Kevin, keeping up conversation as best as she could, while distracted.

Walking back down the hall, I made my way up the staircase at the center of the house. Taking each step with care, I peeked my head just above the base of the second floor, peering through the slots in the railing.

A door to a nearby bedroom was ajar. There, I found him, hard at work.

Cilia stood, her hands resting against the wall, dressed in just fish nets and a thong. He loomed behind her, surveying her body, deciding where he would land what I assumed was his first blow.

I loved the look on his face, a mixture of concentration and glee. His smile was disarming. He wore his rugby jersey, cargo shorts, and boots. He held his cricket bat on his shoulder, thinking.

Jesse was one of the first people I met when I found the scene, just three years ago. Jesse wasn't British, but he liked the rough play of rugby, and the bruising pain he unleashed with his cricket bat. It was something different, imaginative, his own, and quite a conversation starter.

I found Jesse disarming from the first time I met him to this very moment. There's just this look in his eyes that captures me, pulls me in. His obvious appealing features made him alluring: strong arms, muscular legs, broad chest, and a tight flat stomach. He gave harder than he got Saturday mornings, tearing around in the mud. But it was his BDSM play, his demeanor, his mind, that made him utterly undeniable to me. And yet, I could never make myself tell him so.

Thwack! Jesse landed his first blow, I guessed at about half power, right across Cilia's ass. She jumped, squeeled, and rested back into position, letting the pain surge through her. I'd seen Cilia take pain before. I'd seen her take Jesse's strokes. Neither knew I watched now, though. I relished viewing them when they thought no one was looking.

Thwack! Another hit, this time at about seventy percent. Their progression was faster than normal. I wondered if Cilia was in a heavy mood or if Jesse wanted to inflict a lot of pain quickly.

Thwack! Ninety percent. It was almost time for the money shot. Cilia's body shook, her head down, leaning against the wall. She spouted Spanish, cursing in her native tongue, screaming at an imaginery person standing in her cleavage.

"Are you ready?"

"Si!" Cilia spat the word at Jesse, anger obvious even through her accent.

"You sure?"

"Just do it, tu hijo de punta."

Thwack! Full power; the sound crackled in the air. Cilia screamed, dropping to one knee, her hands sliding down the wall as she went. She rested the side of her head against her wrist, heaving breaths spewing out her exhaustion. I stared at her, watching her body's reaction to Jesse's stimuli.

After a moment, I glanced back at where he stood. Our eyes locked for a split second before I instinctively dipped my head down. My back against the wall, my breath quickened. Had he seen me? Of course he did. Shit.

I decided to wait, play it off. Cilia quickly came around the corner, mumbling more Spanish. I tried to speak to her, but she was somewhere else. I walked up the stairs, pretending like the last minute had not happened. I turned and looked into the bedroom. Jesse was packing his toy bag, his back to me.

"Hi Jesse."

"Hello Kitty." We both chuckled a bit, our repetative inside joke always amusing.

"Did you enjoy the show?" Shit, he did see me.

"You do good work."

"This I know. No need for you to sneak around. Neither of us would've minded your watching."

"But I wanted to see you when you thought no one was looking."

I let myself meander around the room, mentally noting the furnishings: a large lounging sac in the middle of the room, a short lamp on an end table by the far wall with a scarf over its shade, and a closet, it's door slightly open, a light on inside.

"What's in the closet?"

"Oh, that? That's the fuck closet."

"What!?!" I scurried over to look. Filling the entire floor was a queen sized air mattress. "Wow, a fuck closet."

I felt the push a split second before my head hit the mattress. My body bounced once before he flipped me onto my back. He was over me, his hand on my throat, his eyes locked on mine.

"It's been a long time since we've played.  What, two years?  Why is that?" His grip was just light enough to let a squeak of a voice escape.

"Don't. Know."

"Yes, you do. Why haven't you asked to play with me?"

"Be. Cause."

"Because? Oh, Kitty. You've seen me work. In fact, I think you love watching me work. I notice you in the Dungeon, lurking in dark corners, thinking you're invisible to me. But I see you, even when I'm not looking at you. I felt your eyes on me before I glanced at you tonight. My look was more of a courtesy than a revelation.

"Now, Kitty, why do you watch, but not ask? Why haven't we played in so long?"

"I. I."

"You. You. You what!?!"

"ILikeYou!" It came out as a scratchy scream, a secret I kept even from myself. And now, it was there, lying next to me on the mattress, naked and splayed wide.

"Now, was that so hard?" He released my neck, stood, and left my field of vision. I took a few deep breaths, but then didn't know what to do. With a lack of options, either stay on the mattress or stand up, I stood.

He was suddenly in front of me, his face no more than a few inches from mine. My breath caught in my throat. Gripping my hair, he pressed his lips hard against mine. I strained to breathe as we kissed. And kissed. And kissed. His free hand found my ass, wreached under my panties, and squeezed hard. My arms wrapped around his torso, pulling him in close.

And just as quick, he pushed me back down on the mattress, this time merely looking down at me.

"Out of courtesy, just so that you know, I knew you liked me. And I like you, too."

He flicked the light switch off and slammed the door.

"No!" I screamed, scrambling around, trying to find the knob. He held the door closed. I beat, banged, punched on the wood. "Let me out!" I cried, sobbed. "Let me out!" Jesse knew I loathed, hated, gutterly feared the dark.

"Please, Jesse. Please let me out!"  Tears streamed down my face, tickling my neck. I kicked at the door, threw my body against it. "Jesse! Jesse! Please!"

My limbs, my flesh, my bones ached, but it barely registered beyond my unending need to get the fuck out of that closet.

"Please. Please." Exhausted, scared beyond measure, I held myself, my arms wrapped around my chest, while still banging with my shoulder, or fruitlessly kicking. "Please. Please." My cries were pitiful, meek.

"Why should your Daddy let you out? You've been a bad bad girl, keeping secrets from him for so long. I don't want a bad girl. What Daddy ever would? I want a good girl. Will you be my good girl?"

"Yes. Anything.  Anything for you Jesse."

"Anything, who?"

"Anything for you, Daddy. I will do anything for you if you let me out."

Jesse caught me as he opened the door, my body falling into his arms. I continued to cry as he carried me to the sac. He laid me down, stroking my hair, holding me tight.  I found some comfort in his warmth against me.

"That's my good girl. That's my good girl. Shh, it's alright. Daddy's got you. Daddy's right here. Daddy will protect you. No one will ever hurt my good girl."
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