Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Big Move

Some of you may have heard the news: Blogger is cracking down on adult blogs. 

Specifically Blogger sent an email warning anyone with an adult blog that featured adult links that generated profit.  These sites are no longer welcome on the Blogger platform.

I don't make money off of this blog.  That's never been the point of it.

I've thought about adding links, but this shot over the bow from Blogger sent me running.

Instead, I moved.

My New Home:

All my future entries will be here.  All of my past entries are there now.  I've even posted a few blogs already.  This site will feature all my hot erotica, my sexy stories, and will also host my podcast, Daddy's Good Girl.

I'm not getting rid of this blog, but I will no longer post to it.

I hope, if you've enjoyed reading what I've written here, you will follow me there.  I still have many more stories to tell...

Monday, July 15, 2013

e[lust] 48

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Off Campus

I took maybe five steps into the Dining Hall and waited for maybe one minute before I turned around and left. Midnight Snack was packed, a line snaking around the room and out the far door. There was no way I was going to get any food in the twenty-five minutes I had before my playdate with D3.

Instead of enjoying snack, I trekked up the grass in the dark.

When I arrived at the Dungeon, I pulled out my notebook and jotted notes on my day. D3 also arrived early. He too had seen the line, thought Fuck that, and opted to come straight to our date.

But I was still hungry.

"Hey, you want to go to Waffle House?"

D3 liked my idea. We walked to his car and headed off campus.

As we got out of his car at the restaurant, I realized a small flaw in my plan: I was still wearing my Vixen outfit. My black wrap dress was street legal, covering all vital parts. But there was a lot of cleavage. And I still wore my fox tail. And my hair, care of Boymeat, was huge.

We ordered our meals. Ate them hungrily. Chatted about this and that. When D3 stepped away to use the restroom, I grabbed the bill and paid for his food. Upon his return, he cursed me for my cunning.

We headed back to his hotel room.

I unlaced my moccasin boots. Took off my Vixen apparrel. Stripped down to Minnesota naked, my boot socks still on. Got under the covers as D3 prepped for bed.

We chatted as he went about his nightly routine. I mentioned my fun with Boymeat. D3 mentioned the one time he happened to have stayed at Boymeat's home and cleaned his bathroom. Life is random like that.

Fully naked, D3 joined me in the bed.

We continued to chat with the lights off. Until we weren't talking anymore, but kissing. Writhing in his bed. His body against mine again. That familiar feel of his chest. His flesh. His lips.

I wanted his cock in my mouth. I shoved the sheets aside. Went down on him. Licked and sucked as I pleased. Heard his noises. Smiled at my ability to pleasure him.

Then he pulled my mouth back onto his lips. And pushed me onto my back. And his mouth was in my cunt.

I worried about his neighbors. Worried they might call in a noise complaint. But I didn't stop fucking his face. Didn't stop moaning into his pillows.

My hands gripped his bald head as his tongue worked on my clit. Obscenities spilled from my lips, as did his name. I came multiple times on his mouth, bucking and writhing my hips against him.

His lips returned to my mouth, kissed me again, before he passed out, his head resting on my chest, both of us sweaty and exhausted.


"I was disappointed I missed your class. I was demo bottoming for another presentation at the same time. So, if you don't mind me picking your brain, how did you get over piss play?"

"I've liked piss since I was a kid. The class was about piss play and different ways to use piss."

"Oh, well... Um, then may I ask your opinion? How can one get over their hangups about piss?"

"There's a few ways. Some people simplify it; think about it like it's just warm water. Others will take the degradation route. Like, say... There are a few drops of piss left on my boots from my class, and only a filthy fucking slut would want to lick the piss off my boots."

I met Boymeat last year. We spoke less then ten words during our initial introduction. Hellos were exchanged as Boymeat began punching a mutual friend. I quietly excused myself as to not disturb the two of them.

The Thursday night of Fusion, I patiently waited for my shift at Playdate with the Pros. I had arrived early in case Shay needed help; she didn't. So I found myself with an hour to kill. And then in a conversation I desperately wanted to have. And then in a situation that both scared and thrilled me.

"Boymeat, do you want to sign up for one of my playdate shifts?"



"It's so hard, the torture of deciding what to do. Knowing that you'll have to ask for it. Get my permission to lick piss off of my boots. That I won't give you any help. That you will have to make the decision yourself."

I bent and twisted inside. I was wet, wetter than I wanted to admit. The idea of piss play had been on my mind for some time. Readers of this blog may have noticed its occasional appearance in pieces of erotica as of late. And now here was this sick-twisted-incredibly-hot man pushing me to do the things I wanted but feared.

And so, I leapt.

"Boymeat, may I lick the piss off of your boots?"


I sunk down to my knees.

"All the way down."

On all fours, I stared at his leather. At the drops that would soon be in my mouth. I crept towards his boots, stuck out my tongue, and licked. Lapped up his piss. First one boot, and then the other. The event swirled around us, but the people were far way. My world held only my body, writhing in pleasure, and Boymeat's boots for my tasting.

When I finished, I stood, a huge grin on my face. Boymeat adjusted himself.

"The problem with not cuming after your pissing class, and then having someone lick piss off your boots."

He must've seen my smile. Must've noticed the extra perk in my face. Boymeat is great at reading people.

"I'm gonna go sit on a bench over there and light a cigarette. Only a filthy fucking slut would randomly sit down, pull out a cock, and suck it from a guy she's never met. Let's see if a filthy little whore is going to come by and service me."

As soon as he walked away, I dashed about looking for safer sex supplies.

"Where are the condoms?" I asked Shay in my rush. She pointed me towards a small table in the middle of the room.

"Poetic, what's wrong?" asked Stefanos as he mingled among the guests.

"Oh, nothing. I just need a condom, now."

I found the condoms, grabbed one, and scurried through the crowd.

Boymeat had just lit his cigarette when I stood in front of him. He looked up and smiled at me. I handed him the condom. He ripped open the packaging, pulled out his cock, and put it on.

In a breath, I was down on my knees with his covered cock in my mouth.

As my mouth bobbed up and down on him, took all of him in. As Boymeat gripped my hair, guiding my lips along his cock, he spoke sweetnesses into my ear.

"Such a filthy little whore. Such a dirty little slut. Sucking on some stranger's cock. You don't even know me.

"You licked piss off my boots and we barely know each other. You want me to piss on you now, don't you?

"Tonight, when you're lying in bed, touching yourself, you're gonna think about my piss in your mouth. When you masturbate tonight, you're gonna cum to the idea of me pissing all over you."

He fucked my face til he came.

"Are you one of those lucky few whose clit is hard wired for pain?"


He grabbed my shoulders, turned the flesh. He hurt me as I writhed in his crotch. First my head brushed against him stomach, then lifted closer to his face. My body snaked across his chest. My hands rested on his thighs. My noises came. He enjoyed them.

He gripped my breasts, pulling, twisting at the flesh, deep under the muscle, rubbing against my ribs.

"Please. Please."

"Please. I love to hear that."

I was so wet, so slick from his work. I begged. Whispered my pleas.

He allowed me to cum. I twisted in ecstasy from my pleasure and his pain.

He started punching my chest. Concentrated on one side. And planted the seed of yet more fun to come.

"Sometime tomorrow, when you least expect it, I am going to find you, throw you to the ground, rip off your clothes, and pee on you."

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Need

I was laden down with bags, three total. Two were my bootblack kit and the other backpack. I'd dressed up as a Vixen for the event that night. I made my way across the grass towards the pool, my moccasin boots sexy but with no arch support.

And then I saw him sitting on the bench, reading Hunter S. Thompson, engaged in his own small part of the world.

I dropped my things. Dropped everything, including my jacket. Rushed over and hugged him. Held him. Didn't want to let him go.

"It's so good to see you."

"It's great to see you too, Kristen."

We chatted for a moment or two about pleasantries. About our lives since he came for his visit. About what I had in store for my camp. And about how he just wanted to relax for his stay. He got another hotel room again; he needed the mental break. I was busy, as is my way.

All the while, I stayed in close to him and he to me. My body wanted to be near him. I wanted to do more than talk. I saw the need in his eyes, too.

We kissed.

The familiar feel of his stubble on my lips. His smell. The way I lost myself in his embrace.

I can't say how long we stood there. How long we let our lips dance. Our tongues dash about. I just know I didn't want to ever stop.

But I had to stop.

"I have to go. Playdate with the Pros, and I'm a Pro."

I gripped his hips. Imagined all the things I wanted to do with him. Clenched my teeth.

"You want to play tonight?"

We settled on a 1am meetup at the dungeon.

And then I made myself leave.


We landed, he texted at 6:52am. I didn't get Stefanos's message til 8:46am.

I'm having breakfast, came his next text. I scrambled to get ready.

As luck would have it, I caught a ride from a taxi all the way around campus.

But, just as we were about to make the turn towards the Dining Hall, the driver noticed a problem with the cart. My ride had me disembark by cabin 15/16 so that they could take the vehicle back up the hill.

When I turned around, I saw him. The leather kilt. The smile. I scurried up the hill and into his arms.

We hugged, and hugged, keeping hold of around each other.

He looked exhausted. His plane ride had been a red eye, so I was sure he needed sleep. But he wanted to chat with people who walked by. He wanted to be engaged. I delicately extracted him and encouraged him towards his cabin.

"You know, you could help me sleep." His suggestion was music to my weary ears.

We crept into the cabin. With a gentle hand, I put down my bag. Shay was already in bed asleep, blindfolded and ears plugged. She was smart.

Shay and Stefanos had yet to receive their linens. Shay snuggled with a blanket.

I only took off my shirt, but kept my bra, skirt, and tall socks on. I was glad for my tall socks.

Stefanos and I got into the bed, got back into each others arms. Closed our eyes.

I snoozed, drifting in and out of sleep. As I rested, I imagined energy pulsing from me to him. Imagined a glow forming from my body to his frame.

We kept changing positions, kept trying to find the best way to arrange ourselves in the bed. But with each configuration we chose, some part of me was always touching some part of him.

I listened to their combined breathing, two people that I had missed so. I smiled, knowing I had four days to spend with them.

My first moments with Stefanos and Shay were golden.


When I dropped off Gray at his cabin, off loaded his things, and made sure he was good, I stepped up to hug him. I kissed his cheek. He turned his face into my kiss. He wanted more than a peck.

His lips met mine. We kissed. And kissed. And kissed. I stood up on my tip toes. My arms around his chest.

Eventually he ended our embrace.

"You better go. My cock's getting hard and you have to work." 

He slapped my ass and sent me on my way. I, regretfully, went back to setup duty.


"I just wanted to ask for your advice on running for Dirty Pig."

"Well, you've seen the show before. You know what to expect. I think the only thing that might harm you is wanting it too much."

Brakes screeched in my brain.

FULL STOP, yelled a voice in my head.


"Maybe I'm trying too hard? Maybe I'm taking this too seriously? I'm gonna stop. I'm not going to talk about Dirty Pig for the rest of the night. And as far as bribing the judges..."

"When it comes to the judges, I think they need to get to know you. You can't just be the next person offering them something. Not just another pretty face. They need to remember your name."

"You know, I was thinking. I went to Del's class at GKE. And I saw Carol at CatalystCon. And I just got an email about possibly getting a short story published. What if I spoke to them about those things first? Make myself a person instead another contestant just trying to get a vote."

"I think you've got this, Lil Sis."


"I just wanted to thank you for teaching Top of the Boot at the first GKE. I was fairly new to bootblacking then, and it was the first time I'd seen a class from the perspective of the person receiving the blacking. I really appreciated the presentation.

"Also...A little birdie told me you were one of the judges for Dirty Pig. I'm running for Dirty Pig. How would you like me to bribe you?"


"Yes, you can use rope for breath play. You can use twine. You can use piano wire, but then you'll run into other issues."

"Mmm," I moaned, while stroking my neck.

"You are one sick and twisted chic."


"Other fun activities can also be used for breath play."

"Yeah, I know." Rough turned me, noting my sly smile as I stood in front of the class.


"Yeah, last night."

"Good on him."

"Indeed," I said.


"How do you want me to prepare for your Basic Suspension class?"

"Don't eat a big meal beforehand, and don't die in Rough's class."


"Now, I'm at a disadvantage for my class. Poetic is an experienced suspension bottom. She's suspended herself and others, and can make up for any mistakes or discomfort this suspension may cause."

Wow, I thought. People, even Gray, actually notice my rope-y-ness. I may be kind of good at this.


"Now, what if she fainted in her suspension?"

I let my body go limp in his ropes. Listened as Gray explained how to get someone down to the ground quickly. Felt as familiar hands lifted my frame, loosed the ropes, and rested me on the floor. Kept my eyes closed, and my body unmoved, as people "scrambled" around me.

"Okay, you can get up now."

I popped up to sitting, smiling at the class.

"Okay, everyone spread out on the frames and try your suspensions." Gray looked down on me. "Can you...?"

"Yup." I scooted my butt across the floor, ropes still tied to my body. In the corner, I started untying his ropes and leaving them in neat-ish lines to be coiled.


"If he were at Summer Camp, he would totally win Fresh Meat."

"Well, it's not exactly a competition."

"Well no, it's a popularity contest."

Rough looked at my friend.

"Can you hold this please," he asked. My friend took up Rough's bag.

Rough's fist slammed into my chest before I had time to register his movement.

"Thank you," he said, taking back his things.

"Thank you," I said to Rough as he left class.

I was a smiley-happy-floaty girl again.
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