Monday, August 22, 2011

How I Got Here

Sitting in this seat
- Two of my roommates were sitting on the big couch, so I took the recliner.

Living in this house
- I met my roommates through my weekly kinky Happy Hour.  We became friends.  They wanted to move into together and needed one more roommate.  I wanted lower rent and emotional support.

Finding the Happy Hour
- After going to Dark Odyssey Summer Camp 2010, I craved being around kinky people.  Went on FetLife and found out about the weekly Happy Hour.  Went by myself one Thursday; been going regularly ever since.

DO Summer Camp
- One of my work friends is in a triad and is kinky.  She posted on her Facebook that she was going.  I had just moved out of the apartment I shared with my boyfriend.  Chance to rebound and renew.

Broke up with my Ex
- I wanted marriage and kids; he was emotionally distant and very much a man-child.  And he moved his mother in; steel pipe that broke my camel's back.

Met my boyfriend
- Through my work in production lighting.

Production Lighting
- I graduated college with a Theatre degree.  I specialized in lighting.

Theatre lighting
- In high school, I was a member of the back stage run crew for the yearly musical.

High School
- All girls Catholic school in a city where the best schools were not public.  My parents paid; my life has been the better for it.

My parents
- Met while on the job.  He was a doctor; she was a secretary.  He was, and still is, married.  She loved him anyway.  One time, my mother did not use her diaphragm.  Oh, and she was Catholic.

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